Sumer Update

Hello! I am back home for a week restocking and planning the next phase of my summer in Colorado! I had a lot of roller coasters ups and downs from the Minnesota trip, but I learned a lot and got to see some beautiful landscapes. Here are some photos from my trip!  

I also updated everything in my shop and I will be shipping orders till Monday, July 2! 

Be back with more towards the end of July! Happy travels,



Quick Update

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 3.19.47 PM.png

Hey, everyone, I am heading down to Houston this weekend for the Midtown Arts Fest! I have been busy at work making new prints for the show this past week. Next week I will have my next blog post on Ansel Adams but here is a little sneak peek at some of my photography I will writing about! I am looking forward to meeting some new people in Houston and sharing my art with the world:]


Swiftcurrent Lake3_duo.jpg